Monday, August 30, 2010

My Ah-Ha Moment - Learning to Live with Intention

Four years ago I sat in a glider cradling my son hoping he would fall asleep. I felt tired, anxious; I was in a daze as are many moms during the middle of the night. But this night was different; this was the night I gained awareness. I needed to live my life with intention, to create balance, simplicity, to create harmony and more joy. It was time to rediscover my values, to no longer live on autopilot. The conception of the Harmony Bowl began.

You are on a journey; make the journey one of joy. When we live our lives in alignment with our values, the outcome is a life in which you are true to yourself and a life filled with joy and love.

Every morning I reflect on my values, I pull from my Harmony Bowl several pewter nuggets which are stamped with words representing my personal values. I reflect upon the words and then make a mental and conscious choice to incorporate these values into the day. Today I pulled “Family, Career, and Friends.” I've invited my in-laws over for dinner, plan to watch “Date Night” with my husband and son tonight, found a quiet place to work, and purchased a card for a special friend. These are my values; this is what matters to me.
  • What matters to you?
 Pay attention to how you spend your day, this is a clue to what you value. If you realize you are spending your energy on things that aren’t important to you then you are becoming aware and can begin to make positive change.

  • This week notice how you are spending your days, do they reflect what you value?

Share your thoughts so we can grow and encourage each other to live with intention, and create more joy in our lives while living our values.