Friday, September 30, 2011

Here are this weeks new designs found in my Etsy Shop! ;) 
Two pair of sterling silver earrings both showing off autumn colors, a splash of brown and the other garnet!
Rustic Silver Circle Autumn Earrings (Brown)
Sterling Silver Hammered Flat Leaf w/Garnet Earrings

A mixed media butterfly sterling silver bracelet reminding you to soar toward your dreams!
Butterfly Bracelet

Finally a delicate and elegant sterling silver necklace with garnet, freshwater pearl and blue Swarovski Crystal..:)   Delicate Sterling Silver Necklace

Love to hear your thoughts on them!  Lisa

Thursday, September 29, 2011

The Journey - The Lessons

This morning I finished reading "The Alchemist" by Paulo Coelho.
What an inspiring and enlightening  book!  It made me think.....

To move forward toward our DREAMS we need to take Action, this gives us experience which then leads to wisdom.

Our journey is Teaching us lessons, giving us the knowledge and skills needed to  live in the moment.

Hence the phrase, "All the answers you seek are within you."

If we haven't Learnt from our experiences we will continue to face that lesson over until wisdom is gained.
Until that wisdom is gained, we cannot move forward and continue the journey toward our dreams.

Life has been Preparing us along the way, it's our fear that is holding us back.

This journey is our gift  and it's our choice what we do with this gift.

Perhaps we can start by being more Present, Loving, and Aware, heck let's toss in some Gratitude too.

Every experience has purpose, meaning and is connected to something much bigger than one another!

Live in Joy - Lisa

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Soar - Butterfly Magnet

Last week I started the Let's get Crafty challenge.
This week I realized I need to let you know how to join in this creative journey.
There are 2 ways to participate and join in the fun:

  1. Join the Let's get Crafty Flickr Group!  here you can share your creations, inspire others and be inspired every Tuesday!
  2. If you have your own blog, you can post your creation on your blog on Tuesday (perhaps mentioning the Let's get Crafty challenge) , inspire your readers and link/post your creation on this blog! :)
Each month I will provide an inspirational theme, your creations do NOT have to be based on this theme it’s meant to inspire those who may need a little nudge.

This weeks  Let's get Crafty inspiration is the BUTTERFLY!

Lately I have been drawn to butterflies, I even created a butterfly bracelet which I will share with you later this week.  To me butterflies represent transformation, life cycles if you will!
They remind me to accept change knowing that this is part of life - continuous change -
With this knowledge I'm inspired to take risks and SOAR.

Materials List:
Nunn Design Sealant
Nunn Design Word Transfer
Diamond Glaze
E-6000 Glue
Paint Brush
Distress Ink
Clear Glass
Magnet Sheet

How To:
Step 1:            Take your image, center glass over it and trace around the glass to obtain your
Step 2 and 3:   Cut the circle out and use sandpaper to distress the paper.
Step 4:            Apply distress ink to paper.
Step 5:            Cover paper with Nunn Sealant and apply word from your transfer (seal again).
Step 6:            While sealant dries, clean glass with vinegar.  Once vinegar has dried, add
                       Diamond Glaze to the back of the glass and adhere image to glass (be sure to press
                       out any bubbles that may have formed in the glue).  Finally, use E-6000 glue
                       to adhere magnet to back of glass and allow 30 minutes for drying.

Now I have a beautiful magnet for hold my dreams up!

I look forward to seeing your creations too!

Monday, September 26, 2011


Our life is frittered away by detail...
Simplify, simplify.
-Henry David Thoreau

Today I'm taking time to think about what really, friends, love, nurturing myself..

I hope you take a moment today to ponder what's important to you..perhaps even 
share with us...

Let's simplify our lives.....

Live in joy - Lisa

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Let's Get Crafty - Tuesday Challenge

Your Creative Adventure BEGINS!

Tuesday is our Let's get Crafty day!
I am hoping YOU will join me each Tuesday and post your crafty idea (any time during the week). 

The PURPOSE of this Weekly challenge :
  • Nurture your creative spirit 
  • Take a risk; try something new
  • Feel inspired and inspire others
  • Share techniques and learn
  • Celebrate YOU (creating is an extension of who you are)!

What are Crafty ideas:
  • cooking
  • gardening
  • painting 
  • mix media
  • sculpting
  • card making
  • photography
    Plus much more....

My first project! ;) 

Materials List:
Blank 5 x 7 Artist's Canvas
Favorite Pictures
Vintage Button
Old Spoon
Mod Podge
Sand Paper
Distress Ink
Acrylic Paint
Copper Wire
Raw Hide Mandrel
Chasing Hammer
Hole Punching Tool (I use a Power Puncher)
E-6000 Glue

How to:
Start by punching holes in canvas (I used my Power Puncher to do this).
Coat canvas with Mod Podge and attach ribbon .
Create a vintage or worn look to your photo by using sand paper on it.
Place photo onto Mod Podge covered canvas and use a brayer to roll out air bubbles.
While glue is drying  flatten spoon with a raw hide mandrel and then use a chasing hammer to texture it.
Once spoon is flattened  punch the holes (I used my Power Puncher).
Glue metal letters EGGS and vintage button onto canvas using E-6000 glue.
Distress sides/corners of canvas using Distress Ink.
Attach chain to copper wire and then adhere spoon to canvas threading wire through spoon holes....

           A work of ART (in my eyes)..:)

Please join me in this fun challenge!
 Let's stretch our creativity and grow!

Friday, September 2, 2011

Embracing Life

Be Present
Live in the Now  
Experience the Moment
Have no Expectations
No feelings of Entitlement
Be Brave 
Take Courage
Pursue your Dreams
Remember that Trying is what Matters
Failure - well it Happens
Learn from your experiences and GROW
Let love OWN your Soul
Breathe in your Fears and Feelings 
Acknowledge them, release them and the moment - EXHALE
Laugh again and then Again
See life through child like Innocent Eyes  
Be Curious
Be unafraid to speak Your Mind
See life's POTENTIAL

Spread your arms and Embrace LIFE!