Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Let's Get Crafty - Tuesday Challenge

Your Creative Adventure BEGINS!

Tuesday is our Let's get Crafty day!
I am hoping YOU will join me each Tuesday and post your crafty idea (any time during the week). 

The PURPOSE of this Weekly challenge :
  • Nurture your creative spirit 
  • Take a risk; try something new
  • Feel inspired and inspire others
  • Share techniques and learn
  • Celebrate YOU (creating is an extension of who you are)!

What are Crafty ideas:
  • cooking
  • gardening
  • painting 
  • mix media
  • sculpting
  • card making
  • photography
    Plus much more....

My first project! ;) 

Materials List:
Blank 5 x 7 Artist's Canvas
Favorite Pictures
Vintage Button
Old Spoon
Mod Podge
Sand Paper
Distress Ink
Acrylic Paint
Copper Wire
Raw Hide Mandrel
Chasing Hammer
Hole Punching Tool (I use a Power Puncher)
E-6000 Glue

How to:
Start by punching holes in canvas (I used my Power Puncher to do this).
Coat canvas with Mod Podge and attach ribbon .
Create a vintage or worn look to your photo by using sand paper on it.
Place photo onto Mod Podge covered canvas and use a brayer to roll out air bubbles.
While glue is drying  flatten spoon with a raw hide mandrel and then use a chasing hammer to texture it.
Once spoon is flattened  punch the holes (I used my Power Puncher).
Glue metal letters EGGS and vintage button onto canvas using E-6000 glue.
Distress sides/corners of canvas using Distress Ink.
Attach chain to copper wire and then adhere spoon to canvas threading wire through spoon holes....

           A work of ART (in my eyes)..:)

Please join me in this fun challenge!
 Let's stretch our creativity and grow!


  1. I love it, very cute design, Lisa! So how would I share a project with you? If I were brave enough that is...

  2. interesting! if someone shares an idea with you what are you going to do with it?

  3. I am hoping that people can or will attach a picture or a link to their project. Be BRAVE ..:)

    I am just hoping that the projects inspire others to try something new..to be a fun place to come share, learn and gain some creative energy..:)

  4. Great idea... Love what you made too...

  5. Thanks Ladies..if you get time..I'd love to see what you create! :)It would be fun to have a community for inspiring, sharing and learning!