Friday, September 2, 2011

Embracing Life

Be Present
Live in the Now  
Experience the Moment
Have no Expectations
No feelings of Entitlement
Be Brave 
Take Courage
Pursue your Dreams
Remember that Trying is what Matters
Failure - well it Happens
Learn from your experiences and GROW
Let love OWN your Soul
Breathe in your Fears and Feelings 
Acknowledge them, release them and the moment - EXHALE
Laugh again and then Again
See life through child like Innocent Eyes  
Be Curious
Be unafraid to speak Your Mind
See life's POTENTIAL

Spread your arms and Embrace LIFE!


  1. Rebecca from flying lessons here. I think your blog looks beautiful. I love your personalized banner with pics of your jewelry. I love that you kept the background white and your about me section is personal and uplifting. Honestly, I'm ready to buy your jewelry right now!

  2. Hi! I came from Flying Lessons also, your blog feels fresh & happy. The jewelry is beautiful also!

  3. Hi Lisa, happy to be flying with you! Beautiful poem, beautiful post. The pic perfectly represents your words. Lovely jewelry in your banner too!!

  4. Hello! Stopping by from flying lessons. Your blog looks great. Your blog banner is very beautifully done, the pics are great. The overall feel of the blog is very clean and fresh. I really like it. Beautiful work both on the blog and in your jewelry.

  5. Nice! I love to be by the sea. Don't get to do it enough. Great blog you have here. And, I'm heading over to your shop. I see a something I might need.

  6. Thanks for taking the time to stop by and for your feedback! I have felt lost when it comes to blogging and am now allowing myself to be vulnerable and am giving it a
    I'm excited for grow with such amazingly talented women! Lis

  7. Lisa,
    I am also from the Pacific Northwest, as well as a fellow flyer! Your blog is lovely - it has got such a happy vibe, which I love! Keep up the GREAT job!! I will check back again! :-)
    ~Christina ;-)

  8. Thanks Christina for your feedback..:) Sweet of you to check in when you are on vacation! :)
    Enjoy and I'm sure I will chat with you in the near future! :) Lis

  9. This is wonderful - just be yourself - you are more than enough!