Sunday, September 19, 2010

Discovering Something Special in the Ordinary

Today while visiting a local waterfall with my family I glanced down at the sidewalk to discover words: Pouring, Rumbling, Sparkling, Breathtaking, Splashing and Soaking! An ordinary sidewalk transformed by simple words. Several people passed over the words unaware, but I stopped and photographed the moment. I saw something special in an ordinary sidewalk and it graced my day; I was aware!

Taking time to slow down and notice the simply things in life can reveal something special that normally would go unnoticed.

 This week see if you can slow down enough to notice that something special  and share your discovery with us.


  1. Love the picture! We were just at the falls last weekend and I noticed the stamped sidewalk for the first time. Such a peaceful place!

  2. Isn't it exciting when you find something special that you aren't expecting?! It sounds like a fun day too.

  3. My son recently gave me the special gift of his insight. I continually try to demonstrate for my two young boys that life is a process of continual personal enlightenment and improvement. The other day I made a bad decision in front of my kids, then sarcastically called myself "Mother of the Year". I was very proud when my 7 year old reassuringly said "It is ok mommy... you are trying to be a better mommy every day".

    I'm glad this is not lost on him :)