Thursday, September 9, 2010

Seeing Clearly – Discovering Your Values

The other morning I awoke early and decided to go for a run. Running at dawn is my favorite time, no one is around and the world seems still except for the sounds of my breath and feet hitting the pavement. This is my time; I devote it to nurturing myself. I am able to release tensions and clear my mind. I am always amazed and how I “see and hear” the world around me during a run. This day I saw rabbits nibbling away on dew soaked blades of grass, they scurry off as I approach. The beauty of a yellow snail shell lying against the side of the road with the snail’s head slightly emerged just taking in the day. Finally I noticed the first signs of Falls approach; the maple leaves have begun to turn shades of yellow, brown, and red. Change is continuous and I am changed from this run, I have taken time to nurture myself and feel better for tending to this deeply needed value!

What are values? I understand values to be the following:

• Values define how we see ourselves and how we behave.

• Values determine with whom we associate.

• Values define how we live our lives; they shape us.

• Values motivate and provide direction; they are emotional and deeply held beliefs.

             Sample list of values:

Friends, Healthy, Family, Career, Faith, Giving Back, Create, Honesty, Leadership, Courage, Loyalty, Nature, Integrity, Kindness………

This week begin to determine what you value, can you list three?
Describe in as much detail as possible what your perfect day looks like, this may help you to determine your values.

Please share what you have discovered, it may be the inspiration another needs to begin their journey into awareness!

     “…life itself is grace.” - Fredrick Buechner

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