Friday, September 17, 2010

Nurturing the Soul - My Studio

My Studio
Finding time to create and nurture my soul with a 5 year old running around can be a challenge, one I know many moms can identify with.  Finding this moment to write is a challenge, I asked my husband to keep my son occupied for 15 minutes.  Then "mommy guilt," creeps in..(sigh)..I strive daily to find balance!   I am the only one who can create balance but this is done by setting boundaries and declaring "time for me!”  I am  the only person who can create my happiness, no one else is responsible for  this.  It’s easy to point the finger at everyone else but I need to look in the mirror when I’m feeling impatient and grumpy, RED FLAG Lisa, “Your tank is empty” get out there and run or get into the studio; NURTURE YOURSELF!
Creating is my way of nurturing my soul! 
How can you nurture yourself and create more balance in your life?

  • Time with Friends

  • Time alone

  • Read a book

  • Get out into Nature

  • Laugh

  • Pray or meditate
Help others nuture themselves and create more balance in their lives by sharing ways that you nuture and create balance in your life.....


  1. Lisa,

    We must be on the same page! Balance is something I need to be mindful of every day. Creating is also a part of what helps me come back to center. Thank you for sharing, I needed to read this again today!