Monday, October 3, 2011

Change is the Journey

Nothing ever is, but all things are becoming....
All things are the offspring of flux and motion.
     - Socrates

Change is a part of our lives, it takes acceptance and courage to often make it through..:) Each of these experiences or changes helps us to become a better and more aware person..although I must admit..I was not thinking about how this would make me a better person when I was deep within the moment of change......

Here are a few of my changes which have required acceptance and courage in my life:

  • Moving from England at a young age and leaving my family, friends and all that I knew
  • Leaving a 10 year relationship so I could be true to me and honor my spirit
  • Being laid off from a job and starting my own business
  • Having faith and trust that my husband would return safely from war
  • Becoming a mother and allowing my child to leap and grow ..discovering his own journey

Sharing allows others to know they are not alone...what are some of your changes taking place in your life?


  1. Thank you for sharing and letting us know we are not alone on this journey! The other big lesson for me is that perfection is not required on this journey!

  2. Thanks Christina..I love your insight about perfection not being required! Just doing even if something is not perfect is better than never trying..! Thanks for sharing!!! Lisa

  3. beautifully said!

  4. I have not always been real accepting of change, but I'm getting better. Sometimes I even look forward to it, now. Nice post.

  5. Willingness is half the battle. Thanks for the post.

  6. I totally understand not being easy to accept's the unknown and I think it's natural for humans to resist change to some extend..:) As Denny's the willingness to accept what is..change..that is our biggest struggle..Something I believe most of us work on..