Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Stamp Carving - How to Design YOUR Own Stamp - Mr. Sharky :)

Designing your own stamp is so much fun and rewarding!
My son just had a Fish themed birthday party so I got inspired to design Mr. Sharky for his Thank You cards!:)
Alright, so Let's Get Crafty - it's your turn to be inspired and design your own stamp!

Tools & Supplies:
SpeedBall Linoleum Cutter
Speedy-Carve Block
Ink Pad

You can buy these items at your local craft store or one of my favorite places on-line is Stampington & Company

I am feeling inspired by Halloween!!
Next Tuesday I will be creating a Frankenstein from an apple sauce container.
I hope you join me Tuesday Oct. 11 and share your Halloween character creation via the Let's Get Crafty Flickr group!!

Happy Crafting - Lisa


  1. You make it seem so simple. Can't wait to give it a try.

  2. OMG This is too funny! Love that we are on the same wave length! We need to collaborate on a video tutorial! Your shark is great. Gotta love those carving blocks. Cut like butter!!!

  3. I am inspired to dig through my collection and find my carving tools and stamp block. Thank you for your inspirations!

  4. Deborah -Would love to collaborate on a video tutorial...two artists:two perspectives..

    Glad to inspire you CynthiaMarie ....dig ..dig until you uncover your treasured tools and be an inspiration to others! Lisa

  5. Ok...may have to try this. I so dont want to try something else new, but looks like so much fun...and so much you could do with it. I am voting for the collaborative video with different perspectives...always interesting!