Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Polymer Clay Owl and Halloween Crow on Pumpkin

This polymer clay project was so much fun!  I got IMMEDIATE gratification ...loved it!
This project took about 3 hours from drawing my design ideas, molding, baking and finally painting the clay..!

These past few weeks I have had owl envy...as I have seen some wonderful owls in several mediums so I decided to create my own owl.
My inspiration for the crow sitting on top of the pumpkin came from an article in Stampington Summerset Holidays and Celebrations 2010 Issue and my love for crows (very intelligent and family oriented)!

I may have found a new passion...

If you are interested in dappling with polymer clay, click here for Polymer Clay Basics by Sharilyn Miller posted on Stampington and Company's Web site..:) 

Enjoy - Lisa


  1. OMG! How many new passions can a person handle?!

  2. Great job, Michelle! It's like a little picture, come to life! Thanks for sharing.

  3. Thanks ladies, they were so fun to create..:) Janet..I'm so into filling my life up with passion...lol I'm exploring and discovering..it's lovely! lol

  4. Thanks for sharing these. They look wonderful. I don't know why, but I've been on an owl kick myself.

  5. So adorable!! Me too! I have a board on pinterest dedicated to owls! Great job! Your work is beautiful!

  6. Love these! So cute - love owls. You are a quick learner.

  7. really cute. i have worked in clay before....sooo fun. you did a great job!!